Horsted School

Class Teacher: Mrs Thompson

Class Teacher: Mrs Webb

Welcome to Tulip Class

Teacher: Mrs Webb

TAs: Mrs Godfrey and Mrs Ball 


Our PE days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please ensure we are not wearing earrings on these days.

We change our reading books on a Tuesday and Friday.

Reading Challenge

We take part in the school weekly reading challenge. Each Friday our names are entered into the competition. All we must do is read 4 books and have our contact book signed 4 times (twice on Tuesday and twice more on Friday). The qualifying names are put in a pot are in for a chance to win a fantastic prize. One lucky person is picked each week.

Term Three

Safer Internet Day

We use the internet in all different ways now, including watching films, programmes, videos, talking to friend and family or sharing photos. We have looked at how we connect with others online and in real life. Take a look at our World Wide Web we created. Everyone in Tulip Class is connected.

We discussed how to be kind through our comments. We all created a piece of artwork about something we like at school. Then we went around our art gallery and made positive comments about the artwork.  Take a look at our artwork and comments.

It is important that we are kind to each other both in real like and online. We finished the day by complimenting each other.

Our sentences started with:

1.  Thank you for…

2.I like you because…

3. I like the way you…

Can you pay a compliment to your friends or family?

Term Two

Around the world

Wow! This term went in a flash. We had lots of fun learning about the UK and the world through stories and information books. We looked closely at London and the features of a city. Then we compared them to the features of our local area and the Chatham. We went for a local walk to identify human features and physical features.

In English we enjoyed looking at Pumpkin Soup, at the end we made our own pumpkin soup and tasted it. We had mixed opinions on how it tasted!

We looked closely at the story of Babushka. We were able to find out how characters were feeling through our drama lessons. Can you tell what we were doing in these freeze frames?

In Maths, we have worked hard to understand the language greater than, less than, more, less, fewer and equal to. We have used this language to compare different numbers. We have learnt to order numbers and partition teen numbers into tens and ones.


Christmas Production

Our Christmas production was fantastic. We had lots of fun practising and performing. We hope you loved it too!


Term One

We have spent the first few weeks exploring a mini topic, ALIEN INVASION.

An alien crashed into our class and we have had fun modelling and painting aliens. We have given our aliens names. We looked at the story BEEGU by Alexis Deacon. Look at all our amazing learning through space and alien themes.

Welcome Sunflower Class

The children have had a lovely start to the new term, enjoying the new classroom and getting to know the grown-ups in Sunflower Class.


Mrs Thompson

Mrs Lazell (every Tuesday)


Mrs Reith

Mrs Gilbert

Our lovely children

Our P.E. days are




Please make sure children are not wearing earrings on these days.

We will send reading books home on Tuesdays and Friday. Please read with your children and sign the book, adding comments about their reading and sharing their success.


In our first week we have enjoyed making shape pictures and revising our numbers to 10 and 20.

We have enjoyed all the new games and toys and have created amazing models and pictures with these resources.

We are looking forward to learning new skills and facts. Have a look at our termly plan (on the website)to see the exciting things we have planned.

Enjoy the photos from our first week!