Horsted School

Class Teacher: Mrs Nichols / Mrs Lazell

Class Teacher: Mrs Jones

Welcome to Faraway Tree

Class Teacher: Mrs Nichols (Monday – Wednesday) and Mrs Lazell (Thursday and Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jennings

Homework: We have split the year group into two different Maths groups so the children will either be in Mrs Nichols’ group or Mrs Jones’ group.
Homework consists of weekly spellings and times tables in addition to Maths and English. Spellings, Maths and times tables are all set on a Friday. English is set on a Wednesday.
Reading: this should be done three times a week and the reading diary should be signed at least three separate times. If it is signed 5 times in one week then the children receive raffle tickets for a chance to win a book at the end of each term.
Homework Diaries and Reading Diaries need to be signed by parents or guardians at the end of each week and this will be countersigned by the adults in the class every Monday morning.
Swimming is due to start in Term 4 for Faraway Tree.

Welcome to Paddington Station


Class teacher: Mrs Jones

TA: Mrs Applegate

PE day: Tuesdays and Thursdays - please ensure that your child's PE kit is named and in school. Earrings must be removed for PE, and long hair needs to be tied up. 

Homework: Reading 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. Diaries are checked on a Tuesday.

  Spellings and Times Tables set weekly and tested Wednesdays. 

Written homework (English and Maths) Given out most weeks and due in by the following Thursday. 

Please check and sign your child's homework diary each weekend ready for being checked and signed by an adult on Tuesdays. 

We enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day.

Term 3

This term our topic is The Ancient Egyptians. We are merging our topic with our English and in the process of creating explanation texts for mummification.

We are looking into the effect of natron (salt) as a preservative by mummifying large tomatoes.

As part of this topic, we are also designing and creating canopic jars which the Ancient Egyptians used to store internal organs.

In computing, year 4 are creating maths games in Scratch; developing our computer programming skills.


Faraway Tree have their class assembly on the 22nd February and will be starting swimming at the beginning of term 4.


We have become experts at using thermometers in our Changing State topic in science.

Term 1

Our current Year 4 Topic is ‘Out of Africa’. We had a fantastic WOW day which consisted of learning to play Djembe drums, creating African sunset art and learning to cook African doughnuts called Mandazi. 

Year 4 parents will also be invited to this year’s Harvest Festival and a
letter will follow shortly.

Faraway Tree


Faraway Tree


Faraway Tree

Wow Day - Africa

Faraway Tree


 We have been looking at the Maasai tribe of Kenya, Africa.

We found out that they were beautiful bead necklaces. In art, we designed and made our own Maasai inspired necklaces using card, paints, pasta and different coloured string.

Please take a look at the photos of these. They’re great.