Horsted School

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Grasshopper Class: Mrs Thumwood and Caterpillar Class: Mrs Christopher

Honeybees Class: Mrs Thompson and Dragonflies Class: Mrs Webb/Mrs Rowe

Butterflies: Miss Winfield and Ladybirds Class: Mrs Hamblett

100 Acre Wood: Mrs Harris/Miss Cordrey and Wonderland Class: Miss Brooker

Paddington Station: Mrs Jones and Faraway Tree: Mrs Packman/Mrs Lazell

Middle Earth: Mrs Shackleton and Neverland: Mrs Logan

Narnia: Miss Cambridge and Hogwarts: Mrs Nicholls/Mrs Richardson

Over the last few years, the children at Horsted have picked up a little British Sign Language through Mrs Logan’s sign language club, Mrs Shackleton’s singing assemblies and conversation in the classroom. Not only do they love it, but they’re also very good at it! So we thought you may like to see them in action ….

A massive thank you goes to Vision Signing Choir who have allowed us to use their translations of ‘This is Me’ and ‘A Million Dreams’.