Horsted School

Class Teacher: Miss Winfield

Class Teacher: Miss Brooker

Welcome to Wonderland

Class teacher: Miss Brooker

TA: Mrs. Mistry

Our PE days are Monday and Thursday (This will change in Term 5, when PE will also be on Friday) Please ensure that earrings are removed on these days, or that your child can remove them before the lesson.


Welcome to Hundred Acre Wood

Class teacher: Miss Winfield

TA: Mrs Collins

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. (This will change in Term 5, when PE will also be on Friday.) Please ensure that earrings are removed on these days, or that your child can remove them before the lesson and their hair is tied back.



Homework is set on Friday, when appropriate.  Please check their homework diary for details.

Spellings: Weekly – set every Friday and tested the following week.

Times tables: Weekly – set every Friday and tested the following week.

Reading: At least three times a week – If you read more, you earn a reward!

Reading and Homework diaries: Please use a new page for a new week, these are checked every Monday and must be in school every day.


We are all really looking forward to an exciting year in Year 3.  Please remember to keep an eye on our web page to see what have been learning in class.

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from the National Fruit Show; they learnt about different types of apples, tried different varieties of apples and even made some of our own apple juice!

To celebrate the royal wedding, we all wore red, white and blue. We also decorated cakes and biscuits with coloured icing and Smarties.  The best bit was when we got to eat them!

Recently, we all got to learn acrobatic skills.  We made a human pyramid and helped each other to balance. It was great fun.

We have been looking at The Stone Age and Bronze Age. Here we have made some beautiful Stone Age necklaces out of clay and mammoths using old milk bottles and tissue paper.

Thank you to everyone that made a project over the Easter holidays, we were amazed at the effort put in and the fantastic end results.

We did lots of art activities during our WOW day learning about the Stone Age. We learnt all about Stone Age art and cave paintings. We all made clay beads and animal teeth to turn into Stone Age jewellery.

Some of us also made a woolly mammoth out of clay.

In the afternoon, we all made our own woolly mammoth out of a recycled milk carton.

On World Book Day, we looked at our favourite books and discussed why we liked them.

We were visited by Serita Solomon.  It was great to meet her and hold her medal!

Taking part in the workout was lots of fun – although it was very tiring.

As part of ‘Safer Internet Day’ we learn all about how to be safe on the internet and also how to act appropriately with others.

As part of our learning, we all made an advice poster of how to be safe.

We had lots of fun in the snow!

While we were learning about the Netherlands, we all made a windmill.  We tried to make it turn in the wind and look decorative.  After making a prototype, we discovered that friction was stopping our sails from turning.  We made another windmill and tried to improve our original design.

When learning about The Netherlands we learnt all about the famous painter – Vincent Van Gogh.

On our WOW day, we got the chance to create artwork in the style of Van Gogh.  We really enjoyed creating our own version of Starry Night.

We enjoyed creating art work in the style of Vincent Van Gogh

Here we are reading out the poetry that we created in English. 

On our Ancient Greek day, we did lots of exciting artwork.  We designed Greek pots and drew them using pastels.  We made our own thumb pot from clay - some of us were even able to add handles. 

In the afternoon, we had an Ancient Greek feast, with grapes, houmous and even wine! 

In English lessons, we have been reading ‘Leon and the Place Between’.

We did some drama and created a freeze frame of the characters waiting for the circus to start.