Horsted School

Teacher: Mrs Webb/Mrs Baker

Teacher: Mrs Hamblett

Welcome to Year 2 Butterflies and Ladybirds

Homework days: Reading-daily for 10 Minutes.

    Spelling test- Monday

   Multiplication test- Thursday.

End of Key stage tests Homework Books - Set Thursdays, collected in the following Wednesday

     P.E. days-Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Library day- Tuesday

Our Topics this year are:

Term One - Travel and Transport

Term Two - Once upon a time

Term Three - Changes in time

Term Four - Amazing Africa

Term Five and Six - Watch it grow!

Term Four - Amazing Africa

This term we will continue to look at the work of the nurses over the years. We got a bit carried away learning about Florence Nightingale last term! Our topic this term is Amazing Africa, the main focus will be geography looking at its location, features, weather etc. We will then compare a small area of Africa to Chatham.

We will be linking our English book to the topic, reading Anna Hibiscus. Our focus this term is to make our writing more interesting and varied. We will be practising using punctuation correctly and learning to use correct spelling for the key common exception words. We will be learning to add expanded noun phrases our work with the use of adjectives.

In maths we are beginning the term looking at fractions, we will cover half, quarter, thirds and then will begin to look at equivalence of half and two quarters.

Term Three - Changes in Time

 This term we will be looking at the lives of famous nurses, Florence Nightingale, Edith Carvell and Mary Seacole. We will explore their lives and how the became famous. We will look at the work they did in hospitals. We will compare hospitals now and then.

In Maths, We will be continuing to practise multiplication and using this to learn about division. We will look at how we can divide objects in to groups or share them out to find the answer. We will then move onto statistics. We look at tally charts, block graphs and pictograms. We will learn to use scales counting in ones, twos, fives and tens.

In English, Our focus book this term is the Dark by Lemony Snickett. We will look into the feelings of the little boy and the dark making inferences from the information given and the pictures. We will learn about imperative verbs and use them to write instructions so that Laszlo can make a glow jar. Finally we will rewrite from the dark's perspective.

Term Two - Once upon a time

 This term we will be exploring the artist Quentin Blake. We will look at his work and then produce our own drawings using his strategies. In history, we will be looking at the Great Fire of London and Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot. In Geography, we will locate the UK and name the countries. In Science, we are exploring materials. We will be learning to sort them by their properties and compare their suitability for different uses.

In Maths, we are adding and subtracting by counting on and counting back. We will revise our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes. We will be learning to recognise coins and find the totals of different amounts of money. Finally we will be beginning to understand multiplication through repeated addition and using arrays to find the answer.

In English, we are focusing on the sweetest song, a traditional African/ American tale. We will be comparing this story to others that we already know. We will retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood and then create a new story based on the original. As Christmas nears, we will be writing letters to Santa and using the John Lewis advert to support our creative writing.

Term One - Travel and Transport

This term we will be exploring how transport has changed over the past 100 years. We will learn to use the words past at and present and order objects on a time line. In Geography we will be exploring the world. In particular, we will learn to name and locate the continents and oceans.

In maths our focus is place value. We will be working with numbers to 100, learning to write them as a digits and the words. We will be ordering numbers and using inequality symbols to compare numbers. We will be partitioning numbers into 10s and 1s.

Our focus story in English is the Man on the Moon, by Simon Bartram. We will be practising writing clear sentences in a sequence using a capital letter and full stop correctly.

Florence Nightingale Workshop - We had lots of fun consolidating our learning about Florence Nightingale.

Science: We made rockets and used a bottle and a straw to make them fly.

Design Technology: We designed, created and evaluated a vehicle including axles and wheels.