Horsted School

Class Teacher: Mrs Shackleton

Teaching Assistant: Mrs McEwen Smith

PE Days: Term 1 Tuesday and Wednesday

Term 2 onwards: Wednesday and Friday

Mrs Nicholls / Mrs Richardson

PE Days: Wednesday and Friday

These will either be outside or inside so please
make sure appropriate kits are in school. These will be sent home for washing at the end of
each term.

Welcome to Year 5

Middle Earth

 Homework: When appropriate - look regularly in homework diaries. Homework will be due in on a Friday.

Spellings: Weekly - every Monday

Timestables: Weekly - every Monday

Reading: At least three times a week - any more earns you raffle tickets.

Reading and Homework diaries: Please use a new page for each week, these are checked every Monday.


English/Maths homework will be set either Monday or Tuesday and will need to be handed in on Thursday (unless otherwise stated).

Spellings are given Friday each week for a test the following Friday.

The children are required to complete 10 Times Table Rockstar games at home each week
and this will be checked on Mondays.

Please browse our webpage to see what we've been up to in our lessons. We look forward to working alongside you for your children.

Snow Day, Learn Day!

Term 1

The children have been very hands on the first week back to school. We created volcanoes from paper mache, painted them and then caused eruptions with lemonade and mentos. As you can see from the pictures the children absolutely loved it. They were also set a challenge to create an earthquake proof structure using a variety of materials and some
basic earthquake engineering principles such as: cross bracing, tuned mass dampers and shock absorption. It was so much fun seeing how much destruction was caused by the earthquake simulating shake table.
We kick started Year 5 with a bang!

On Monday 19th October, Neverland went down to the woods to have a forest school morning. Whilst in the woods the children played capture the flag and sardines. We wanted the children to explore the woods, think strategically and also develop their team work skills. As well as this, the children gathered sticks and used wool to create an Ojos De Dios (God’s Eye) which is a Mexican symbol for protection and power. The children were really well behaved and loved being outdoors (even though there was a tonne of mud!). It was wonderful to watch them running about and hearing, “this is the best year 5 day ever!”.

Middle Earth enjoying forest school.


In English we have been reading Skellig by David Almond. The children acted out a scene with the three main characters before turning the narrative into a playscript.

Spooky Friday

Anglo Saxon Forest Day

Middle Earth Solar system

Neverland Anglo-Saxon WOW Day

The children spent the day experiencing life like an Anglo-Saxon. They made flat breads and cooked them on the fire, dyed wool with natural ingredients such as beetroot and created a wattle and daub fence. As well as this, they were set a team challenge to use natural materials to create a boat on the school field that was big enough to seat their whole army! The boats were amazing and I couldn’t choose a clear winner so they one some class marbles. The children had a fantastic day, many then going home to ask parents to recreate some Anglo-Saxon flat breads in their kitchens!

Christmas greetings to Rogallo House

Santa Dash

Easter Maths

Today the children completed some revision but as an outdoor scavenger hunt. They worked amazingly in teams to complete the hunt, revising such things as: place value, multiplying decimals by 10, converting fractions to decimals. They really enjoyed it and even got a little prize at the end from us to wish them all a very happy Easter.

Neverland World at War WOW Day!

We had the best WOW day. The children were so well behaved and really engaged in their tasks.

The day started with a video and some drama which explored what it would be like to be an evacuee at this time. After that the children were split into three groups for three different activities.

Activity 1 was first aid. Children learnt about the importance of a basic knowledge of first aid during WW2 and how to put a sling on someone’s arm.

Activity 2 was based around ‘Dig for Victory’ and the children learnt about the importance of growing your own vegetables at this time. We spoke about seasonality and that you couldn’t eat tomatoes all year round! The children were really engaged and even found out about vegetables they had never heard of before (mainly courgettes!)

Activity 3 was a historical enquiry activity and the children were presented with different artefacts from the period. They explored them and posed their own historical enquiry questions. They really loved this hands-on task.

After these were completed, the children started creating their own felt purses. They had already designed a preliminary design and used this to start sewing their materials together. They practiced the running stitch, whip stitch and cross stitch. The adults in the room had to thread many needles!

Middle Earth World at War WOW Day.

Purses made by Middle Earth

Comic Relief obstacle course

South Amercian WOW Day

Beatrix Milhazes Artwork created by Middle Earth

Mousse Making by Middle Earth

English - Friday 11th June 2021 

This week we looked at a palindrome poem. This meant that it could be read forwards (from top to bottom) and backwards (from bottom to top)

The poem we read was called ‘Refugee’ written by Brian Bilston.

When you read the poem forwards it's a negative view on refugees. However, when you read it backwards it shows a positive view on refugees.

We worked in groups to learn different lines and perform the poem.

Middle Earth Sports day 

Dockyard trip