Horsted School

Our School vision is written as an aspirational document



Horsted School is a vibrant, safe and welcoming school. Our caring ethos is evident in our sense of community and concern for each child’s academic, spiritual and moral growth.

The school celebrates the children’s creativity and achievement through stimulating displays in a valuable and constantly developing learning environment. Resources are clean, organised and accessible incorporating all areas of the curriculum and community.

The school grounds are well maintained and offer a range of environmental activities which are accessible in all weathers. Playgrounds are well marked offering a range of activities for the children to practise their physical skills and develop mutual interaction and co-operation.

The children at Horsted School are courteous, kind and well behaved. They move around the school safely and calmly. They listen carefully in all their lessons and assemblies.

The children display a caring and sharing attitude to each other and aware of the effect of their actions on others and their surroundings. The children show mutual respect to each other and to all adults in their school environment and are especially welcoming to visitors.

The excellent behaviour promotes learning through the children’s eagerness to listen, act appropriately and develop skills in the classroom.

Children leave Horsted School as happy, kind, confident and mature children, having achieved their potential regardless of background or disability.

Children are competent in their maths, reading and writing abilities, they are proud of their achievements and demonstrate a positive attitude to work. They have good life skills which enable them to make choices and take on new challenges with determination, recognising their own strengths and areas needing improvement.

Children are socially mature and display concern and care for others, competent to act in new and sometimes demanding situations with appropriate attitudes and skills.

Children display a positive enthusiasm for discovery and learning and a pride in their talents and achievements. They are prepared to try new things and develop perseverance when faced with new challenges.

They show kindness and respect to others in regard to customs, culture, beliefs and abilities, recognising that everyone has different needs and aspirations.

Children are able to use appropriate skills to sort out problems quickly to avoid further issues.

Children have eager and open minds, demonstrating a willingness and enthusiasm for the next stages of their school and life’s journey.

All adults in the school are good role models showing respect to each other and the children. They are confident, cheerful and positive, showing an enthusiasm in their teaching and encouraging each child to fulfil their full potential. They are flexible when faced with change and take time to discuss the children’s needs in an appropriate manner.

All adults are aware of the importance of consistency in managing behaviour. They are fair and approachable but instil high expectations of how children are to behave.

Adults show professional respect to each other, offering support, praise and reassurance where needed, acknowledging each other’s practised skills and contribution to the school.

Parents are positive in their support for the school and we encourage mutual communication between home and school.

They play an active role in their children’s learning through reading, encouraging completion of homework and extending areas of learning outside of the classroom.

They show support and a mutual respect towards teaching and non-teaching staff. They are welcome to discuss areas of concern and respect decisions and actions made by professionals.

Parents are involved in clubs and are welcome to assist in classrooms where needed. Parents are also very active in the PTA raising funds and arranging activities for the children.