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Parent's Feedback

“xxx is coping really well with using his laptop from sch at home. We would both like to say thank you for all your ongoing support and help with xxxx.”

(Year 6 Parent)


I Just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work creating online learning. The format is so intuitive that xxx is able for the majority to work independently.  If xxx were to have lots of live lessons or work I needed to deliver, my life would be so much more complicated and stressful. 

I can tell that you have thought long and hard about how to provide remote learning that has the least amount of stress for families. The lessons are interesting and engaging, when I have helped xxx I have been really impressed with how creative you have all been to make sure the lessons are engaging and fun. I am sure your lessons are always that way but I don't always have the pleasure of seeing them.

 I commend the way you have handled some very challenging situations and often changing rules and guidance at the last minute. I am sure I am not the only parent that is grateful for your tireless support.

 (Year 6 Parent)

I just wanted to message the school and say how impressed we have been with the work and support Miss Shackleton has provided so far.

 Thank you to everyone at Horsted for doing their bit behind the scenes- working from home and trying to home school is testing but has been made easier by the work being uploaded on teams.

 (Year 4 parent)

Firstly a huge thank you once again for all you are doing, I can’t imagine the position you are being put in right now but the health of you, the staff and your families must be a priority as well and you have my full support. 

 (Year 2 Parent)

Thank you for your support this week we are glad the work has been manageable.

(Year 2 Parent)

Good evening team Neverland 
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for all the hard work you have put into the weekly teaching during the last term.  I am mostly at work during school days with the odd day off. I have really enjoyed being able to sit with xxx and be a part of his learning time at home when I can. Many times I have said to him he is so lucky to have two very hard working teachers who have made the home learning so much easier this time round, all of us as you say learning about technical systems as we go ! Enjoy a well earned rest this half term with your families.
Thanks again 
Year 5 Parent