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Year Four

Term 1: Nutty about Nature 

Children create various pieces of art using different natural features. They think about different animals and classify them based on their features. They think about the school environment and how it can be/ is environmentally friendly. 


Term 2: Ancient Civilisations 

In this term, children compare the main achievements of many different ancient civilisations, including their writing. They design and make a shaduf - an Ancient Egyptian water lifting apparatus. In science, they learn about electricity. 


Term 3: Ancient Egypt 

Building on their knowledge of ancient civilisations, the children, this term, focus on Ancient Egypt concentrating on their death rituals and mummification. They learn about the importance of canopic jars and they design and make their own using a range of different materials. 


Term 4: Crazy climates and barmy biomes 

Children learn about the different areas of the world and think about how different animals are suited to different environments. They will learn to compose music inspired by Debussy La Mer and they make a biome themed diorama. 


Term 5: Our local environment 

The children learn about Rochester and conduct geographical fieldwork of the local town's traffic calming. They visit the local synagogue and the local cathedral where they see the art work of local artist Wendy Daws. They use her art work to inspire them to create a piece of inclusive art 


Term 6: The Romans 

Children learn all about the Roman Empire including its rise and fall - they think about how it spread across Europe and consider the impact that they had on the Celts. And how not all of the Celts welcomed them.