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Year Three

Welcome to Year 3. 

It is always exciting to welcome the children into the juniors 


Term 1: The stone, bronze and iron age 

The children start in year 3 by thinking about our ancient ancestors. They learn about how humans moved from being nomadic hunters to settled farmers. They will think about how the invention of the needle was important for earliest man to make their own clothes and they learn about different types of rocks. 


Term 2 : Staying Healthy

The children will learn about the kinds of things that they need to stay healthy and they think about the different teeth a human has and their purposes. The children also conduct some market research and design a healthy, savoury biscuit that they can sell at the Christmas Fair. 


Term 3: The Ancient Greeks

In term 3, the children learn all about the Ancient Greek civilization. They think about where it was and some important achievements of the age for example, the birth of democracy. They design and make different Greek food and use clay to make and paint their own Greek inspired vase. 

Term 4: The Netherlands 

Children make links to our partner school in The Netherlands and they compare the European country to ours. They study the art of various Dutch artists and attempt to recreate the art using different styles. 


Term 5: Delightfully Dickens 

Children learn all about Rochester and its most famous resident: Charles Dickens. They study his works including Oliver Twist and learn about his life. They will use pneumatics in order to design and make a moving toy using Oliver Twist as inspiration. 


Term 6: Rivers

In term 6, children learn about the different features of a river and begin to learn about the water cycle. They learn about some of the great rivers around the world and what happens if and when they flood. They compose a piece of music inspired by the journey of a river.