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Online Safety Survey 2023

Online Safety Survey


We recently asked the junior pupils a range of questions about their Online Safety. Here is a summary of the responses given by 218 pupils.

The pupils were asked:

Do you have access to the internet at home?
  • 213 pupils answered yes.
  • The most common devices used to access the internet are tablets and phones.
  • 146 pupils spend time on the internet while in shared family spaces around the home, the other pupils answered that they spent time in their bedrooms or other spaces at home.
  • 73 pupils answered that they spend more than 3 hours per day on the internet. 40 pupils spend less than an hour per day online.
Are there privacy controls set up on the device you use at home?
  • 43 pupils answered no,
  • 87 pupils were unaware if their devices had any privacy controls set at home.
  • 55 pupils said that they never talk with their adults at home about the rules for being safe while online.
  • 76 pupils answered “sometimes”.


When asked a multiple-choice question about what they did while online
  • 129 pupils answered ‘chat’,

  • 203 said ‘play games’

  • 151 said ‘studying’

  • 32 said ‘social networking’.


The five most common social networking sites accessed by the pupils are:
  • 176 pupils use YouTube
  • 86 pupils use WhatsApp
  • 83 pupils use TikTok
  • 50 pupils use Playstation Live
  • 48 use Snapchat
31 pupils are unaware of what counts as personal information that shouldn’t be shared with others online.
137 pupils said that they have felt uncomfortable with something they have seen online and 192 said that they knew what to do if this ever happened to them.