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Year Five

Welcome to Middle Earth Class and Neverland Class Page!     



Middle Earth Class
Neverland Class

Class Teacher: Miss E Winfield

Class Teacher: Mr L Cavanagh

Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Ware

Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Mills

Key Information 

  • PE days: Thursday and Friday
  • Homework: Given on a Monday, handed in on a Friday.
  • Spellings: Weekly — every Monday.
  • Times tables: 10 games weekly — every Monday.
  • Reading: At least three times a week — any more earns you raffle tickets.
  • Reading and Homework diaries: Please use a new page for a new week, these are checked every Monday.
Please browse our web page to see what we’ve been up to in our lessons. We look forward to working alongside you for your children.

Term One

Science  - Doodlers

Year 5 have been learning how to use electrical circuits to create moving doodlers! We investigated different products that have motors and tested how they moved. We tested and made improvements to the circuits to help it wobble. We looked at how electrical motors convert energy into rotational movement, designed our own doodler and created a final product that moves and creates a drawing.



Term Two

Science - Materials and their Properties

Year 5 have had lots of fun experimenting for our Science Day! We have been investigating different properties of materials based on their hardness, transparency and whether they are magnetic.

We enjoyed learning about how different materials can create reversible and irreversible changes by creating volcanoes out of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and mixing skittles with water.

We also tested the how different materials are thermal conductors and thermal insulators. We tested different types of cups to see which would hold the temperature of a cup of tea the longest.


Term Three

History - Viking Day

Year 5 have been learning about Vikings! We had a visit from a Viking and learnt all about different Viking gods, battles, food and villages. We especially enjoyed dressing up as Vikings and getting to hold different Viking weapons. We learnt all about shield walls and made our own Viking shields!



Term Four

Art - Printing Plates

For Art this term, Year 5 have been creating mixed media pieces of artwork. We have used recycled materials to create printing plates that we painted onto. This created a background for us to use repeated printing to print a background for our pictures. We then sketched an image on top.


World Book Day

PJ day - Fundraising for Diabetes

Term Five


We learnt about how different forces act upon us and different objects. We enjoyed investigating how air resistance affects objects travelling through the air based on their surface area. We tested this by creating balloon parachutes in different sizes and timing how long it took for them to reach the ground. Year 5 also looked at how water resistance changes the speed in which an object travels when it is streamlined by testing dropping different shapes objects through water.