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Year Five

Term 1: Forces of Nature 

In term 1, children learn about volcanoes and earthquakes thinking about historic volcanic eruptions such as that as Vesuvius. They use CAMS to design and make a working volcano themed inspired toy. They also use the art work of Jackson Pollock as inspiration to create a volcanic themed piece of art. 

Term 2 and 3: Incredible Invasions. 

Children learn about the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons thinking about what happened when the Romans left the UK. They use this to revise the countries in the UK and they also create illuminated letters inspired by the Anglo-Saxons. 

Term 4 and 5: Conflict post 1066

Children learn about the history of conflict thinking about how it has shaped our local area from various castles to the historic dockyard. They move into the history of world war two and design and make food based on rationing. They also learn about digging for victory and begin to use 6 figure grid reference to identify location of bombing sites in London 

Term 6: Superlative subcontinent 

In term 6 children begin to learn about South America using this to learn about lines of latitude and longitude. They study the art work of Beatriz Milhazes and design and make a tropical inspired mousse.