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Year One

Term One: All about me!

The children will learn about their body's, the five senses and their family.

They will be exploring toys from the present day and those that their parents and grandparents may have played with. 

They will be beginning to study maps by creating map of the classroom.

Term Two: Celebrations!

This term the children will be exploring different special days from across Europe and across different religions. These include: Remembrance day, Christmas, Hannuka and Divalli.

They will have a special Halloween day. 

Term Three: Explorers

During this term the children will be learning about animals and classifying them into types of animals.

They will learn about famous explorers such as Scott, Shackleton and local explorers Will Adams and Julius Brenchley.

They will design and make a piece of clothing suitable for Barnaby Bear to investigate the world.

Term Four: Castles

 During the term the children will compare local castles and consider there location and locations that would be good for a castle. The children will visit a local castle.  

They will design and make a castle using recycled materials.

Term Five: Life Outside the Classroom

The children will be learning about living things, in particular mini beasts. They will go for bug hunts around the school and classify the animals that they find. 

The children will build on their geographical knowledge and create a study of the local area including the types of houses they can find.

Term Six: The Seaside

The children will study features of the coastline. They will explore the animals found at the beach and materials found there.

They will visit the seaside. Before going they will design and make a picnic to take with them.

They will be studying changes through time. Looking at how seaside holidays have changed over the years.

They will use their knowledge of materials to test the best material for a bench.