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Year Six

Term 1: It's electrifying 

Children continue their learning about electricity by learning about circuit symbols and making operational circuits. They use this knowledge to design and make an electronic game


Term 2: We are travel agents 

Children plan a journey from the top of North America to the South of South America drawing on their locational knowledge of South America and lines of latitude and longitude. They also recap their learning about biomes and climate zones. They explore the art work of Paul Landowski and compare it to Antony Gormley. 


Term 3: Evolution and inheritance 

In term 3, children learn about Charles Darwin - his life and his work and the contribution to science. THey study the art of Henri Rousseau and consider how his work is not biologically accurate 


Term 4: Islamic Civilisations 

The children in term 4 learn about the achievements of the earliest Islamic civilisations comparing it to the time period in the UK. They think about the house of wisdom and they study the art work of Siddiqa Juma. 


Term 5: World Trade 

Children learn about world trade and think about the impact that it has on the environment. They also learn about fair trade and workers receiving a fair wage for their labour and they learn about the silk road trade.

Term 6: Lights, camera, action 

Children learn about light including reflection, refraction and angles of incidence. They use this to design and make a Kaleidoscope and they tread the boards with their end of year production.