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Year Two

Term One: Travel and Transport

This term the children will be learning about the seven continents of the world and tracking Phileas Foggs journey around the world.

The children will explore how modes of transport have been invented and changed over the years. They will learn about the Wright Brothers and George Stephenson.

They will design and make their own vehicle with an axle and wheels. These will then be tested by rolling them down ramps. 

Term Two: London

During this term the children will learn all about London. Identifying it as the Capital city and naming some of its main features.

They will learn about the importance of the River Thames and how it was used to import and export goods.

They will learn about Guy Fawkes and the Plotters, exploring his motives and thoughts behind his plan to blow up the houses of Parliament.

Term Three: Medical Marvels

Throughout this term the children will consider how to stay healthy and why it is important to look after our bodies and stay healthy.

They will design and create a healthy pizza. 

They will study the lives of Florence Nightingale, Edith Cavell and Mary Seacole. They will compare the lives of these three medical marvels and discuss how they have made our health care the way it is today.

Term Four: Amazing Africa

During this term the children will recap their knowledge of the 7 continent and identify Africa on the world map. The children will learn about Kenya, identifying its features, learning about life in the rural areas and in the cities. They will then compare these to the UK. 

The children will design and make an African musical instrument using recycled materials.

Term Five: Watch it grow!

This term the children will learn about growing plants. They will look at the basic needs to make a seed grow and predict what will happen if these are not provided. They will watch the growth of a plant and draw/ label the steps of its growth.

They will study and compare the work on plants by Matisse and Monet. They will recreate a watercolour of Monet's waterlillies and create an observational drawing in the style of Matisse.

Term Six: Awesome Animals

Throughout this term the children will reinforce their knowledge of living and non-living things. They will observe nature using hand held microscopes noticing patterns, shapes and lines. They will look in our school environment for micro habitats and then look at photos of large scale habitats around the world. Finally, the children will look at food chains, naming animals in a food chain.